A Strong Economy

  • Prioritise small-business, the backbone of our economy, with tax and regulatory relief
  • Encourage entrepreneurship and innovation across the economy
  • Fight anti-competitive behaviour by large corporations
  • Reduce the retail cost of energy and internet access for households and businesses
  • Oppose changes to franking credits and negative gearing

Ending Congestion

  • A moratorium on all new high-rise residential development across North Sydney
  • Investments in road infrastructure
  • Strategies to decentralise NSW away from Sydney, including supporting high speed rail, and special relocation subsidies to families and individuals.
  • Strong national borders

Improving Democracy

  • Abolish the senate
  • Fixed 3 year parliamentary terms
  • Reform Question Time
  • Support for political parties to have preselection contests open to public voting

Renewable Energy

  • Renewable energy is key to tackling climate change and more cost-effective for consumers
  • Help fast track more renewable energy projects onto our energy grid
  • As renewable energy becomes more standardised, ensure all cost savings flow through to consumers
  • Australia's geographic size and strength create unparalleled opportunity for renewables, and therefore aim to deliver the cheapest and most reliable retail electricity in the world

Fighting Bureaucracy

  • Minimise duplication between federal and state departments
  • Ensure each new government regulation is offset by equal repeal of old regulation
  • Review of federation tax policy

Personal Freedom

  • End Sydney lockout laws that hurt Australian business and tourism
  • Allow Australians to participate in international online poker gaming
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