Let's Put North Sydney First Again...

While Australia’s economy has been consistent for a number of years, the quality of life for most people across North Sydney continues to go backwards.

Residential development continues to increase, with more people packed into the community than ever before. Increasing numbers of cars on the road keep pushing travel times higher. Vital infrastructure continues to lag far behind the population level, and the places we used to enjoy are harder to access. Our schools and hospitals are under mounting pressure, while our politicians turn a blind eye to all these problems.

Unfortunately, with North Sydney being a safe Liberal seat, it doesn’t attract nearly the resources or attention that marginal electorates generally command.

We’ve also seen what a mess Canberra has been over the past 3 years. There has been so much political infighting it’s not surprising we’re not getting anywhere.

Governments of all persuasions have passed the buck to the challenges we are facing. Most political parties are more interested in scoring cheap political points than tackling the real challenges.

We need more independent problem solvers who will work together for Australia's long term future.

The good news is that help is on the way...

As an independent, Troy’s focus will be exclusively on North Sydney. His single goal is to improve the quality of living, and getting things back to a manageable state where our community finally gets the infrastructure it deserves.

Troy will happily work with people of all political stripes in order to address these challenges, and help restore the standard of our national discourse.

Join him!


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